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Fewer deaths in Swiss Mountains in 2012
Posted: 06 August 2012 09:57 PM  
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According to figures from the Swiss Alpine Club 44 people died from January to June in the mountains compared to 64 in the previous year. The decrease has been put down to poor weather rather than more caution by mountaineers. The group most affected is again ski touring, with fifteen deaths. Eleven hikers were killed, an increase on 2011.

Interventions by the emergency services dropped from 1050 to 965. The most frequent call-outs are for ski tourers or hikers who are often poorly equipped or who have overestimated their capacity.

These figures do not take into account two serious accidents that occurred in early July, including one which killed five people on the Lagginhorn in the Valais. The periods of fine weather between June and September are the busiest for the rescue services.