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Shin Bash Problems - Advice?
Posted: 19 July 2012 03:29 PM  
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Ok so this might not be shin bash but I am happy to hear from experience.

2 years ago I was touring on old soft boot and stupidly skied on the piste hard for a day. A day or two later a pain in my right shin appeared that was excruciating. It didn’t hurt to touch or rub and nothing was visible. But to ski the pain was unbearable. I tried padding out with those silicone strips not no avail.

Last year I had some new Scarpa Matrix (still soft) and toured up to the Trient Plateau. We didn’t actually do any downhill skiing prior to that this time and the next day my left shin was in equal amounts of pain. No paid to the touch but in the ski boot it was terrible! I has to lean back all the way down from 11,000ft. Not too bad since there was tonnes of powder but it did stop us going further.

Does anyone have experience with this? Am I doing something wrong when going up? I tend to just slack off my boots 100%, put them in walk mode and do up the top strap a bit to stop my foot from flopping about. Is that wrong?

Advice appreciated!