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TR: Tour of the the cols: Gleyzin, Fontaines, Pertuis
Posted: 29 December 2011 10:58 AM  
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P1030127.JPG height=800 width=600
Pertuis couloir, only above half is visible from the bottom

The original plan had been to ski the Moretan -> Pertuis loop. The Pertuis is a very long couloir above the village of the Bourgeat Noire in the north Belledonne range.

P1030098.JPG height=600 width=800
Gleyzin East side

From the Borgeat Noire we climbed through the woods to the Refuge d’Oule col de Gleyzin (2565m), above the refuge the old skin tracks were filled in, no-one had been this way today. Instead of heading to the Moretan we decided to climb to the Gleyzin with the idea of descending the east side, this is always a good plan and so it proved (1480m d+) with excellent settled powder on a firm base that transformed into spring snow as the sun hit the valley. At 2000m we started the climb up the south face of the col des Fontaines (450m d+), a fairly easy climb. At the col we stopped to drink a bit of tea and eat. Well Joël et Gab seemingly neither drank nor ate a thing the whole day although they did have a snort of the scotch whisky I had in my rucksack.

P1030103.JPG height=800 width=600
Col des Fontaines

P1030105.JPG height=600 width=800
Fontaines north face entrance

P1030111.JPG height=600 width=800
Fontaines, job done!

Then the steep and moderately exposed north side of the Fontaines (4.1/E2) which, apart from the first few meters of hardpack, was settled powder snow. Heavy on the legs after nearly 2000m of climbing. A long traverse took us to the east side of the Pertuis which was excellent powder snow ((300m d+). The climb was very cold and I had some skin problems, luckily spray gloop got me to the Pertuis because it would have been impossible to boot pack in the loose snow up to your waist.

P1030112.JPG height=600 width=800
Pertuis entrance

P1030122.JPG height=600 width=800
Gab in the Pertuis

P1030123.JPG height=600 width=800

A very quick stop at the col, it was now 15h30 and we started the long Pertuis couloir (4.1/E1). After some 2200m in our legs the heavy powder and sometimes hardpack was tiring and we made frequent stops. It would have been nice to have been dropped by helicopter at the summit. The snow turned to loose powder in the bottom half - it looked similar to the graupel I’d seen in the Chartreuse but much smaller grains, I suspect it was spindrift that had been blown into the couloir. The final ski down to the parking through the woods was a border cross and reminded us that we could actually ski after the long descent of the Pertuis.

P1030125.JPG height=600 width=800
Half way!

P1030129.JPG height=600 width=800

A quick hello to Stephane, Anne and Olivier who did the Moretan/Pertuis loop

Posted: 29 December 2011 09:40 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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A good looking trip. Thanks.


Posted: 29 December 2011 09:56 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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Yes, nice to pass the 2000m mark in December, great snow at the moment. Bit different from when I skied it in July!

Posted: 30 December 2011 09:27 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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Looks like a good idea for making a counter-clockwise circuit around the Grand Moretan and for getting into the big secluded N-facing Veyton valley. Last spring I skied near the top of the Grand Moretan from the SE side (Combe des Roches)—hadn’t thought of this connection from the other side.

Hope to try it sometime (wish I were there now)

[ map of area ]

Some approximate latitude/longitude points
. . (hope I got the locations roughly correct)
* Gleyzin / la Bourgeat Noire : 45.33562°N, 6.12036°E
* Refuge de l’Oule : 45.31386°N, 6.13521°E
* Col du Gleyzin North : 45.31028°N, 6.15405°E
. . (unless you crossed the South col)
* Col des Fontaines : 45.31541°N, 6.17199°E
* Col du Pertuis : 45.32183°N, 6.14760°E