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TR: Chamchaude, Chartreuse Massif
Posted: 21 December 2011 07:21 PM  
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We didn’t have much time this morning. After consulting the avalanche bulletin - risk 3 everywhere with higher risk on N/E through SW aspects we decided on a quick climb of the Chamchaude.

P1020972.JPG height=481 width=640

It was quite a bit warmer this morning, 2C in the valley and a bit of a thaw. Anny thought the snow would be heavy, and she was right.

P1020973.JPG height=248 width=640

At the summit you could feel the North Westerly that was loading snow on the NE->SE slopes and there was a fair bit of spindrift at 2000m. The weather also began to close in.

P1020975.JPG height=481 width=640

The snow was windblown at the ridge but tracking into a more sheltered part of the summit snowfield we found heavy powder. This improved through the woods which were relatively sheltered and the snow was positively light below 1600m.

P1020979.JPG height=480 width=640

We may well end up with crust on lower slopes now although conditions are still very skiable.