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Resort in Armenia
Posted: 02 November 2011 02:35 PM  
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Hello everyonesmile
I think not many of you have heard of Armenia and I’d like to inform you that there’s actually a good place for snowboarding. It’s in Tsaghkadzor. The highest peak is mountin Teghenis(2819m above sea level). There are four ropeway lifts...well if you need more information, please ask. But apart from all this I wanted to make a good offer.The thing is that stayin in hotels is pretty expensive and plus the resort closes after 5:00pm. So I offer you to stay at our hostel which is in Yerevan city, about 40 minute drive from Tsaghkadzor. The privilege is that you save yourself, one night stay in a hotel is around 80 dollars, in our hostel it’s 14 dollars and on the way you’ll spend again few money, plus when you’ll return from the resort you can still have fun at the city...we have 4 bed room, 6 bed room, 8 bed room and a double private one.
Visit Armenia, visit us! We will always be happy to see you smile