Moucherotte East Face

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Follow the Moucherotte vallon des Forges route until you are on the path after the crossroads at 1254 meters. At around 1390 meters there is another fork. Leave the Vallon des Forges route and take the left hand branch to the foot of the couloir du Château Bouvier. This is a short but steep and slippery rock slope but there are good hand and foot holds. The couloir is equipped with a thick cable. The path leads off to the left about half way up this slope and leads out onto the east face of the Moucherotte above the tree line.

The path traverses up to the left across this slope. Follow the occasional kairns and yellow markings. At 1825 meters the path turns right and leads directly up to the south side of the Moucherotte.

Mountain RangeVercors
Altitude1901 meters
Mapse.g. IGN TOP 25 n°3235 OT Autrans
GPS Waypoint 
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Vercors
MarkingsYellow/Green then Yellow after Ch. Bouvier
Road AccessGrenoble -> Seyssinet -> D108 -> St Nizier
Starting Altitude1092
Time2 hours climbing
Guide BooksAmazon-FR:2723441067


Contributed by davidof on the 2nd August 2006

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