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From the col du Coq follow a wide track to the north west. At around 1500 meters this does a zig-zag turning north east to reach the col de Pravouta. Head due north to reach the Roc d'Arguille crossing an area of broken ground. From the summit walk north-west to the left of a stand of trees to pick up a small couloir (blue marks) which leads down through a cliff band. Return via the Habert de Pravouta or a lower track.

Mountain RangeChartreuse
SummitRoc d'Arguille
Distance5.3 km
MapsIGN TOP 25 3334 OT Chartreuse Sud
GPS WaypointN 45.3170°, E 05.8375°
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Col-du-Coq
Grade[1]2 (moderate)
MarkingsSome blue on the Roc d'Arguille
Road AccessA41 Saint Nazaire les Eymes exit and then D30 - D30A to the col de coq
Starting Altitude1434m
RefugesHabert de Pravouta - closed between 1 June - 30 September

Trip Reports

27th September 2007

Tour of the Roc d'Arguille

The conditions were very wintry for a 27th of September. Unusual but not unheard of. In 2000 it had been possible to ski in the Chartreuse at the same period. From the Col du Coq I decided to climb to the Roc d'Arguille with the idea of descending the first part of the Combe de Giclas (Giglas) - a chance to prospect this ski touring route for the winter. The Giclas is one of those routes you reserve for Risk 4 (or 5) avalanche days. Largely in forest the terrain is around 20 degrees at the summit so no chance of avalanches crashing down from above. Well that's the theory.

It was raining at 1450 at the col, this turned to heavy but wet snow at 1550 meters and I wondered whether snow shoes would have been a sensible option. I was not wrong. By the col du Pravouta at 1750 there was a good 20cm of snow. The passage to the Roc d'Arguille crosses and area of lapiaz (potholes). These were partially covered by the snow and traversing them took time.

couloir roc d'arguille
Couloir of the roc d'Arguille

At the summit I set off for a stand of trees. Crossing to the right of this brings you to an open north-east facing slope and the start of the combe de Giclard which I'd skied a couple of years back. I kept to the left to pick up the tree line at 1700 meters. The map doesn't show it but futher descent is barred by 10-20meters of cliffs. A narrow couloir marked with blue dots gets you down through this band. I walked down to the start of the Giclas at 1550 meters then followed a path marked with blue dots back to the Habert de Pravouta. This path is not shown on the IGN maps although there is another path 20 meters lower down. The Pravouta refuge is closed between 1st June - 30th September. Although the shepherd was not in residence I could here cattle bells lower down the mountain and the door was locked. The snow had restarted and the ground was getting quite slippery.

contributed by davidof

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