Le Prayet

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Follow the Sangle de la Source du Guiers Mort to the Fontaine Noire, a few meters to the south of the Fontaine Noire a path leads off to the left. It crosses the Perquelin forest trail at 1220 meters and then turns northwards through the forest. After a couple of muddy zig-zags between 1320-1350 meter the path traverses back to the south to climb up through a couloir from 1370 meters. At 1550 meters the path buts up against cliffs and once again traverses to the south-east to join a short couloir at 1640 meters. This exits onto the summit plateau 50 meters further up and the GR9 is just a short walk to the east.

le prayet
Descent from le Prayet

If you are descending from the GR9 you will reach a crossroads (le Prayet) where a wooden signpost signals the Trou du Glas. From here a path leads away to the south-west. After 30 meters you will see a rock and cairn on your left. The start of the couloir is just behind this rock.

From le Prayet you can follow the GR9 to the south. After about 100 meters (cairn) a path leads up the slope to the each to join the trail at the Ridge and the Pas de Rocheplane. An alternative is to follow the GR9 North across the Chaos de Bellefont. After about 15 minutes there is a track to the right marked with a signpost leading again to the Pas de Rocheplane.

Mountain RangeChartreuse
SummitPas de Rocheplane
Altitude1860 m
Distance3km from the car park to le Prayet
MapsIGN TOP 25 3334 OT Chartreuse Sud
GPS WaypointN 45.3303°, E 05.8648° (start of the descent)
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:le-Perquelin
MarkingsSome signs + red/blue in the Prayet couloir
Equipmentgood walking boots
Road AccessGrenobe -> D57a -> Col de Porte -> D512 -> St Pierre de Chartreuse -> le Perquelin
Starting Altitude990meters
Ascent720 meters to the GR9 junction
Time2 hours to climb + 1.5 for the descent
RefugesHabert de Pravouta

Trip Reports

18th August 2007

I descended via le Prayet after having tackled the excellent Sangle de la Source du Guiers Mort. The descent is fairly steep with a number of traverses and a bit muddy in the forest if it has been raining. I was interested in what the path would be like for skiing and wanted to get a GPS trace in case I came back this way in the winter when markings would be covered. It seems like skiing could be more direct down a couloir cutting off a dog-leg. It looked possible anyway.

le prayet
le Prayet sangle

It seems that another path leads around a loop (sangle) to point 1574m - something to explore in the future.

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