Lac Achard From The Plateau D Arselle

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There are three possibilities for the starting point. The pony club at 1620 meters (which offers the choice of a snack at the Salinière cafe at the end of the walk. The "jardin des enfants de Bachat Bouloud" at 1754 meters. The path starts on the left just after a road bridge over the ski runs near the new L'écrin des Neiges apartment blocks. Finally on the Croisette hairpin at the top of the Roche Béranger at 1800 meters.

lac achard
Lac Achard in December

There is no particular difficulty with any of these paths and it really depends how much vertical you want to cover over 2km. The paths are marked out for snowshoe walkers and also have yellow stripes. The routes are well worn with exposed tree routes, so although you can walk in trainers or city shoes walking boots are still preferable. The tracks are ideal for young kids although take care at the lac Achard, especially if it is frozen, the ice may not support your weight.

Mountain RangeBelledonne
Summitlac Achard
MapsCarte IGN Top 25 3335 OT Grenoble
GPS Waypoint 
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:
MarkingsYellow stripes
Road Access 
Starting Altitude1620
Time2h (round trip)


Lovely easy trip on what looks like a cinema decor. The path up to the lake is quite wide and bordered by fir trees. The view when you get to the lake is breathtaking. Best to go there on a dry day as some stones can be a bit slippery. It was unseasonably warm although there was a stiff breeze in the ski resort. Contributed by gigi-lerose on the 2nd December 2006

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