Montagne De Barlet North East Couloir

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From the Pont de la Betta car park take a small track bared by a wooden barrier to the right. This is signposted "pont de la Betta". Just after the bridge (pont) a steep track leads up to the left, this is marked "ravin de l'Avalanche" on the IGN 1:25,000 map. As the track levels out it turns south-west and follows the contour until you reach the ruins of the Habert du Crop (GPS N 45.2176°: E 05.9906°, 1410m) and a wooden footbridge. Look to the right as you traverse to see if the forest has been skied as this is generally better than following the track on the descent. Usually there is not enough snow to cover the many tree trunks until later in the winter.

Pont de la Betta

Pont de la Betta

After the wooden footbridge you follow a widening valley filled with a number of small trees. It is possible to climb the south-west slope directly to the footpath that leads to the lac de Crop but it is just as quick to continue in the middle of the valley by the track to the ruins of another building at 1700m. Here the Orionde mountain is directly ahead, turn left to follow a track that runs along a balcony (GR 549), you may need ski crampons on some exposed sections if the snow is icy. At around 1800 meters the track climbs to the lac de Crop in a series of zig-zags. Keep an eye uphill as it is possible to descend directly from the lac du Crop to the habert du Crop via the north-east facing slope.

Barlet couloir north east

Barlet and the north east couloir

The path comes out on the north-east side of the lac (GPS N 45.2094°: E 05.9881°, 1930m). Turn right and follow the ridge. A large couloir is visible directly in front and a second, smaller couloir, to the left (couloir du Rafour). Apart from a short, narrow section the couloir presents little difficulty and can be climbed with skis to the shoulder. There is then a 30 meter steep and exposed scramble to the summit. It is possible to descend the couloir du Rafour which may have better powder (danger of slab avalanche) as it sees less sunlight.

Barlet couloir north east

Looking down from the couloir


Ski Crampons may be needed for some parts of the route. There is an avalanche risk below the lac du Crop and in the couloir. The couloir is fairly straight with a large run out above the lake. The climb to the summit is steep and exposed. Beware of ascending skiers on the forest tracks.

Route Card

GPS: N 45.2070° E 05.9801°, 2306 meters
Orientation: North-East
Toponeige Rating: Danger: 2, Climb: F, Ski: 3.3
Climbing: 1010 meters, 3315 ft.

Date Skied: 15 Jan 2006

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